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Kini Red Bull - a motocross family

Kini stands for Kinigadner and it is the Austrian synonym for motocross. The name Kinigadner is known throughout the whole country and far beyond and it is connected with motocross like the mx bike with the track. And not just since yesterday. The Kinigadner family from the Ziller Valley (Zillertal) has always had a passion for engines; they have speed anchored in their DNA and gasoline in their veins. Anyone can walk, but only a few can ride!

Kini Red Bull - High Speed in its fibres

KINI Red Bull is not just any brand. KINI Red Bull is a philosophy. The high speed is embedded in its fibres. And there's more: Adrenaline, thrills, fighting spirit, and freedom. But also friendship, community, and team spirit. On our bikes we are competitors. But on the ground we are friends.

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No question: Biking is top fun. But it's not without risks. No matter if MX or mountain bike - there is no 100 percent safety as a racer. But KINI Red Bull can contribute a lot to your security. Especially our multifunctional Kini Red Bull Motocross clothing should accompany you on the track. And with the complete MX gear you can go full throttle.

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Kini Red Bull - Full throttle for leisure time

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KTM Kini - King of the Bikes

Wow, second place!? No way! World champions are never satisfied with second places. Only the first place is good enough for us. So the Kinis won't let you ride on a second class bike. You need a first class bike like the KTM Kini. Whether a new one or a second hand one - KTM is the King of the Bikes.

Adventure Tours - Kini around the world

Austria is great. But there are many more spots on earth that we want to discover with our bikes, for example Ibiza, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, or Greece. Join us! Our Kini Red Bull Adventure Tours make the thrill “international”.

Whether beginner, Enduro pro, or travel fan - Red Bull Kini takes you to the fastest trails all over the world. And always off the safe track!

The Kini era - how it all began

Let's go back to the year when the name Kini was born! Back to the year 1953! It was back then that Johann Kinigadner senior won a silver medal at the “1st Tyrolean Alps Race“. And what Daddy could do, his three sons had to do as well. Hansi, Heinz, and Klaus carry motocross in their genes.

Hansi, the eldest of the three, was the first who got infected with racing fever when he joined his father as a sidecar passenger at ice races. He looked up proudly to the racing driver next to him. "That's what I want to do when I grow up!” he told himself. And that's the way it should be. At the beginning of the 70's the Kinis took motocross by storm. At the top: Hansi on a KTM Penton 125cc.

Heinz and Klaus close on his heels. And then things started to happen very fast. In 1978 Hansi became State Champion on a Montesa 250cc, in 1979 Heinz followed with the first two Austrian Championship titles in the 125cc and 250cc classes. Riding on a Puch, by the way.

But there is even more: Heinz crowned the Kini MX era with two World Championship titles in a row. In 1984 and 1985 he participated on a KTM 250cc and became the best of the best. 

50 years of motocross - the ups and downs of the Kinis

The Kinis reached the very top, but they also know life the other way round. Their fifty years of motocross history were not only a flight of fancy for the Kini family, which was struck by several blows of fate.

The beginning of the losing streak: Mother Christl had a fatal accident in 1982. Hansi suffered a spinal cord injury during a motocross race in 1984 and the wheelchair became his constant companion. The beginning of the 90s finally saw the end of the Kini motocross era. Klaus and Heinz restarted their professional career - Klaus in Supermoto races, Heinz in Enduro and Rally biking. After the Rally Dakar in 2000, however, Heinz finally said goodbye to the race track. And shortly after that, Klaus ended his career as well. When Heinz' son Hannes became a paraplegic after an accident during a charity motocross race in 2003, the last Kini also retired from Motocross. The Kinigadner era came to an end after exactly 50 years.

The family’s accident series, caused the Kinis to found Wings for Life, a foundation aimed at finding a cure for spinal cord injuries. Persons with paraplegia do not have to put up with a life in a wheelchair. Modern medicine can give them back their freedom of movement bit by bit. But this requires financial support. It is not without reason that the major part of Kini Red Bull Motocross clothing from the Red Bull Kini Online Shop supports the development of promising therapy methods. Because mobility means freedom!