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Clothing for kids by Kini Red Bull

Kids clothing by Kini Red Bull

It’s true that motocross produces lots of adrenaline. But it is not only a sport for adults, as the kids will enjoy the thrill as well. But under one condition: They need the right basics and the best basics can be found in our Kini Red Bull streetwear and kids clothing line.

The Kinis will not give their approval for jeans and knitted sweaters for riding your bike. You need a Kini Red Bull Makeover.

Clothing for kids by Kini Red Bull - cool things for your leisure time

Casual wear by Kini Red Bull – In the morning, at noon, in the evening – there should always be time for a little bike tour. But sometimes everyday life gets in the way. Sometimes school and homework simply have priority. But you don't have to do without MX / Motocross. At least when it comes to fashion. The Kini Red Bull clothing for kids is designed for every day.

Casual Kini Red Bull kids shirts, cuddly Kini Red Bull hoodies for kids, cool Kini Red Bull kids caps and stylish Kini Red Bull beanies and winter hats will sweeten the dreary moments without MX / Motocross. Here are a few examples: - the double math lesson on a grey Monday morning - the endless waiting time for the bus - Bus missed! 30 minutes walk home - the physics tutorial

Leisure clothing for kids with the red bull

What makes Kini Red Bull clothing for kids so distinctive? The smooth cotton blend? The ingenious details like side pockets, zippers and hoods? Or maybe the sporty Slim Fit? It’s all pretty awesome, but the real attraction is the red bull, quality seal of our favourites.

Whether discreet in the chest area on the Spikes Hoodie, contrasting in colour on the MX Competition Glove or artistic on the Kini Red Bull Rugged Beanie - the little red mascot sends his regards. So our Kini Red Bull clothing for kids is more than just another trend part in your wardrobe. It is a piece of motocross history.

A piece of the 50-year Kini era. Slip into our extraordinary Red Bull Kini Kids’ collection and feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins!

Kini Red Bull motocross gear & enduro clothing for kids - just in case

Motocross / Enduro clothing for kids by Kini Red Bull – You feel invincible on your bike. We understand that. Hansi, Heinz, and Klaus also started on a shoestring. But as invincible as you feel on your bike, you are not unbreakable. Unfortunately! But with our functional clothing for kids you are a little bit closer to unbreakable.

Whether motocross gloves for kids, motocross trousers for kids or motocross helmets for kids - our robust motocross clothing for kids secures your safety on your way. How you ask? With stretch inlays, waist belt, ergonomic fit, reinforced seams and so on.