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Beanies & Hats for kids by Kini Red Bull

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Kini Red Bull kids beanies

Kids’ Beanies by Kini Red Bull - It is the most precious part of our body - our head. We should take care of him; after all, he is our control centre and deserves to be protected. At least we should keep him warm with a Kini Red Bull beanie or a wool cap.

The high-quality Kids’ beanie in Acrylic fibre is cosy, warms your ears, and looks stylish at the same time. That’s three in one! Awesome!

Kids headgear – a head full of action and motocross

Headgear for kids - A real motocross enthusiast carries his love for the sport in his heart. But now he carry it on his head as well – with our Kini Red Bull caps for kids or the Kini Red Bull baseball cap.

Trendy designs and the characteristic Kini Red Bull logo are expressions of true fan love. Whether simple in black and grey or colourful in light blue or with the classic Kini Red Bull colours, blue, orange, and white - this Kids Cap is as dynamic as motocross itself.

Beanies and caps for chilly days

Beanies and caps - Whether on the way to school in the morning, at a relaxing autumn walk or as winter hat - the Kini Red Bull Beanie keeps kids' ears warm. Made of 100 percent acrylic knit with a rib pattern, it withstands the coldest winter.

Always on your side: the Kini Red Bull team. At least in form of the many logos, prints, and emblems. With its great attention to detail our design transforms your Beanie into a little work of art.

The warm allrounders

Whether baseball cap or beanie - with every Kini Red Bull headgear you get a stylish all-rounder. And they go great with our other favourite pieces, for example:
It's the urban casualness that makes the Kini Red Bull Caps and Beanies so individual. Combine your cap with the Kini Red Bull Hoodie! And next time with the Kini Red Bull T Shirt! Be your own designer!