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Kini Red Bull Motocross Gloves for Kids

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Motocross gloves for kids - the right protection for kids’ hands

We write with them, eat with them, and work with them. We are talking about our hands of course. Don't they deserve our full attention? And reliable protection? Beyond question!

And Kini Red Bull will deliver just the right one, the sturdy motocross gloves for kids. With our elaborately manufactured Motocross MX gloves your fingers are as safe as it gets.

Kini Red Bull motocross gloves for kids - everything in its place

Kini Red Bull Motocross Gloves for Kids – Choosing between maximum safety and maximum freedom of movement is not easy. What has priority? Both! Kini Red Bull Motocross Gloves protect your hands from injuries and still let you ride like a world champion.

The motocross gloves for kids will never restrict you. They give you the freedom of movement you need to accelerate. How do our motocross gloves do that? The pre-formed fingers, finger gaps made of lycra, the silicone print on the fingertips and the short neoprene cuffs with TPR Velcro fasteners provide you with perfect fit. Everything is exactly where it belongs.

MX Enduro gloves for kids - the look of the world champions

MX Enduro gloves for kids - young bikers need role models. But not only in sports, but also in fashion. Wonderful! Kini Red Bull knows a thing or two about style as well. Perfect proof are the motocross gloves Competition Gloves Navy White. The stylish contrast of dark blue, turquoise, red and grey turn your hands into an eye catcher.

Vintage charm desired? Nothing is easier than that. The tight fitting Motocross gloves Vintage in orange, white, and blue and with discreet black grip surface, made of abrasion-resistant imitation leather, bring nostalgia into the here and now. Especially when combined with plain, monochrome motocross clothing for kids our flashily designed Motocross gloves come to the fore.

The must-have of motocross clothing for kids

When you think of motocross gear for kids, you immediately think of motocross trousers for kidsmotocross jerseys for kids, and motocross gear sets for kids. But motocross gloves for kids usually come last.

But they are an indispensable element of Kids’ motocross clothing. No good motocross outfit can do without MX gloves. Especially not for the sporty latecomers. The young, vulnerable skin is most dependent on robust MX gloves.

Motocross gloves from Kini Red Bull - a good cause

You are always on board for a good cause? Then you have come to the right place. Order your Kini Red Bull MX gloves and invest in the fight against spinal cord injuries! But how can Motocross gloves fight for a good cause?

Quite simple: With every pair of MX gloves bought you make a small financial contribution to the Wings for Life foundation, an initiative aimed at finding a cure to heal damaged nerve cells in the human spinal cord. When have MX gloves ever felt that right before?