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Motocross Jackets & Enduro Jacket by Kini Red Bull

Motocross jacket & enduro jackets by Kini Red Bull

The motocross Enduro jacket is usually having a hard time. The jacket has to protect the driver from rain and keep away the heat, but it also has to feel good and have the coveted "rocky" biker touch. Quite a few requirements, but not too much to ask for! The Kini Red Bull motocross jacket is a protective shield, air conditioning system and stylish accessory all in one.

Kini Red Bull motocross jacket & enduro jacket with expert's approval

Motocross jacket & Enduro Jackets by Kini Red Bull – Quality seals and experience reports are fine, but an expert’s opinion is better. The Kini Red Bull motocross gear and of course the motocross jacket of Kini Red Bull is personally designed by the champions for a reason. Just like the Kini Red Bull Competition Jacket.

None other than Matthias Walkner, Dakar Champion 2018, co-developed and tested this sporty gem. His jury verdict: splendid. The sophisticated rally jacket got a green light by the professional. The breathable and water-repellent material made of 100 percent polyester is just perfect for an adventurous outdoor trip. Wind and weather don't stand a chance.

MX jacket & enduro jacket - amateur to expert

Our Kini Red Bull MX jacket & enduro jacket is not restricted to one skill group. Everyone looks great in it. Especially:
  • Rally lovers
  • Enduro fans
  • Tournament junkies
  • Passionate bikers
  • Beginners
The matching Kini Red Bull motocross trousers, Kini Red Bull motocross goggles, and Kini Red Bull motocross helmets are also available. Find your favourite motocross outfit!

A Motocross jacket & MX jacket by Kini Red Bull - Like a second skin

Motocross MX Jackets by Kini Red Bull – you can only gain a few tenths of a second by wearing form-fitting clothing while biking. But who cares? It's something, isn't it?

Every second is worth its weight in gold in motocross. And that's why Kini Red Bull pays attention to a tight fit of every single motocross jacket, as it is the guarantor of high speed. The super light 4-way stretch material fits like a second skin, without constraining you. Neither too tight nor too wide - this motocross jacket is made for biking. The perfect motocross gear for men.

Looking for a quick change artist? MX jacket and enduro jacket by Kini Red Bull

Kini Red Bull MX jacket & enduro jacket - A jacket is a jacket. Period! Well, that’s somewhat different with our Motocross Jackets, MX Jackets and Enduro Jackets. They are quick change artists.

First they are rocky biker jackets, but in an instant they become a loose vest. In just a few steps the sleeves are gone. You will not only get a warm protective jacket for rainy trips, but also a stylish vest for hot summer days.

But even off the MX track you can keep your Kini Red Bull Motocross jacket. Whether you're meeting your best buddy, relaxing by the campfire or even at your next party - the colourful Kini Red Bull looks are as fresh and innovative as the label itself. You can be sure to attract everyone's attention. And there even is another important point: Every purchase supports the Wings for Life Foundation in their fight against spinal cord injuries.