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Motocross gear & enduro clothing by Kini Red Bull

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Kini Red Bull Flash Set
Kini Red Bull Flash Set
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Motocross clothing & enduro clothing by Kini Red Bull

Motocross-Enduro has a name - Kini. This name not only represent a MX-enthusiastic family from the Ziller valley. Kini has become a brand. A high speed brand. A brand with gasoline in its veins. A brand that carries the racing driver gene out into the world. A brand that summarises extreme motor sport using only four letters. KINI.

The Kinigadner family has been producing high quality and innovative motocross and enduro clothing for many years. The know-how of the professionals like Heinz and Hannes Kinigadner and Matthias Walkner goes into the development of their clothing.

So whether you are a beginner, amateur, or professional racer, you can be sure that the quality is right. But also wearing comfort and design are awesome at KINI Red Bull. But see for yourself!

In our KINI Red Bull Online Shop you will find:

  • high quality motocross helmets
  • Enduro jackets
  • Motocross pants
  • MX gloves
  • lightweight ventilated jerseys
  • goggles and lenses
  • accessories und spare parts

Motocross gear for newbies & pros

They are the kings of Motocross - the Kinis. What they do with their bikes is real art. Hard to believe, but they started out small.

Look at Hansi Kinigadner! He had his first motor sport experiences as side-car passenger of his father Johann Kinigadner at ice races. What we are saying is that KINI Red Bull is for everyone.

From newbie and occasional biker to „high class“- our action-packed collection is not bound to your level of performance. No matter if you wear Motocross gear or leisure look pieces - anyone can be a Kini. The only admission criterion is: MX, Motocross, Enduro is your world. At KINI Red Bull you will find everything you need for MX racing and Enduro adventures and all the ingredients you need for starting into the motocross world.

Come and see our high quality Motocross and Enduro clothing for yourself. High quality items that have been co-developed and tested by professionals like Matthias Walkner. Functional Enduro jackets and pants, and matching jerseys for hot rides on the racetrack. Have you heard the news? We can make your individual custom printed jersey by adding your name and your number to it.

Choose your favourite jersey in our online shop and click on „Print MX Jersey“. Enter your name and your number. After a few days you will receive your individual jersey at home. Everyone will recognize you due to your individualized jersey. It is also a great and unique gift idea. It is a must have for racing drivers!

MX clothing & motocross gear for men - the overall package

Motocross gear for men – Why Kini Red Bull? What makes it stand out of the crowd? Quite a lot!
  • World Champion Quality: Heinz Kinigadner is personally at work
  • „Record-breaking“ designs: Red Bull Logos, Wings for Life logos, signatures of the Kinis, funky all-over prints
  • Sophisticated features: pockets, hoods, hip belts, and more
  • Feel-good factor: comfortable cotton fabrics, soft Lycra, cosy rib knits
We promise quality, and not only for our MX Enduro pants or our MX Enduro Jersey. It applies to every single item of our collections. We don‘t do things halfway, we offer the total package including:
  • Functionality
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Price

Kini Red Bull helmets: the perfect motocross helmet & enduro helmet

For every motorcyclist the helmet is the most important part of his MX safety equipment. Its quality and material composition is very important and should not be left to chance Your Motocross helmet should fit perfectly and your driving habits have to be taken into account as well. Are you mainly on the race-track or do you prefer long-time Enduro adventures?

These questions have to be taken into account when purchasing your perfect MX & Enduro helmet that will provide you with maximum safety and comfort.

We offer a variety of MX & Enduro helmets in our Motocross & Enduro Online Shop. Among these we also have light-weight helmets.

And of course, the Enduro helmet has to protect you from various weather effects such as sunshine, rain, wind, and airflow as well.

The Kini Red Bull Enduro helmet is available in different variants, so every MX rider will find his perfect head protection. Its advanced technology, the aerodynamic design, and optimum ventilation fulfil all imaginable demands and guarantee the best protection even to the most adventurous riders. Don't forget to combine your Kini Red Bull helmet with the matching Kini Red Bull Motocross goggles.

Choose your favourite MX goggles. All forms and sizes go together with all of our helmets. The choice of your MX goggles should be based on your driving habits as well. There are even goggles with removable nose protection. You can also choose between different lenses, which can be ordered separately.

Especially for MX and Enduro racing drivers it is important to have different goggles or different lenses for various weather conditions in your backpack.

Speaking of backpacks: Take a look at our Kini Red Bull backpack. It’s perfect for carrying all your equipment to your races or adventures. We also offer all the other accessories you will need for your “MX and Enduro life“.

The KINI Red Bull Competition Line 2019

Rally jacket in detail: The KINI Red Bull Competition Line Rally Jacket was tested and developed by Matthias Walkner especially for the requirements of the Rally Dakar. It is a professionally developed MX jacket that meets all the requirements of an enthusiastic MX Enduro racer. Here are the top features of the KINI Red Bull Competition Jacket:
  • Ultra light-weight 4-way stretch fabric for excellent comfort and fit
  • water-repellent and breathable, especially for Enduro and rally adventurers who need protection from wind, rain, and cold
  • removable sleeves
  • large pocket on back for stowage of sleeves and various front pockets
  • various ventilation openings with waterproof zip closures
  • Shell fabric: 100% Polyester.
  • Lining: 100% Polyester

Look at the other Motocross Kits by KINI Red Bull. Also the one of Matthias Walkner.

Motocross clothing & MX gear for kids - what kids really want

Motocross clothing & MX gear for kids – only the best for your kids! We at Kini understand what Kids want and our Motocross Gear for Kids is clear proof of it:

From MX Enduro pants for kids to Motocross MX helmets for kids. Perfectly fitting and skin-friendly favourite pieces are our speciality.

Just as our eye-catching pieces! Stunning prints in stylish colours and of course with the KINI Red Bull and the “Wings for Life” logos will ensure that your kids stand out on the winner’s podium.

But how do you choose the perfect MX kit? Per mix and match? It’s an option. The other one: our Motocross MX kits for kids. The perfect combination of your MX clothing pieces!

No matter, if it is the classic Vintage style kit or the Strike gear or both– Emphasize your racer personality with our successful KINI Red Bull Children MX Kits!

Wings for life – to give you wings

The ability to walk is a basic human need. But what if you lose it? What if a stroke of fate deprives you of your freedom of mobility? Just like it happened to Hansi and Hannes Kinigadner.

Both were enthusiastic motor sportsmen and both had a terrible accident, which led to paraplegia. Since then, both are confined to a wheelchair. But there is hope. Paraplegia could be reversible. If only the treatment possibilities were more advanced!

And that‘s why “Wings for Life” exists. Heinz Kinigadner, two-time MX World Champion, and Dietrich Mateschitz, founder of Red Bull, have established the Wings for Life foundation, whose purpose is to support spinal cord research. You also want to give wings? Nothings easier than that!

Choose Kini Red Bull Kini und with every purchase you will support our spinal cord research project!