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Motocross Sets & Enduro Sets by Kini Red Bull

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Kini Red Bull Flash Set
Kini Red Bull Flash Set
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Men's Motocross Sets

Motocross is young and dynamic. It is obviously dynamic, but is it really young? The first motocross races took place in England more than 100 years ago, where it first evolved from motorcycle trials competition. The one, who managed to beat the highest hill, secured himself a place on the winner’s podium. But the amateur trials soon lost their appeal and real competitions had to be held.

It all started with the Scottish Six Days Trial in 1909 and in 1952 the first world championship took place. The Austrian family Kinigadner alias the Kinis soon became infected with the MX virus. Not only the father Johann Kinigadner, but also his three sons Hansi, Klaus, and Heinz inherited this "Need for Speed". For over 50 years, the Kini brothers succeeded on national and international racetracks. And even after their sporting careers they are still involved in various motocross activities.

This passion for MX racing lives on in the KINI RED BULL trademark, especially in the Men’s Motocross Kit.

Men's Motocross Set - if you want to do it right

For some, fashion is king, but for many of us it is rather annoying to look for the best outfit. Especially the search for the coolest MX outfit is tedious. But you don't have to rack your brains ever again! KINI RED BULL does it for you.

You've already found the best outfit formula with our Men's MX sets. No more single pieces, you get the whole package. Here it is:

Men's MX Sets by Kini Red Bull

The KINI Red Bull Sets for men, from MX pants to MX Jersey, they are all in one style. Its features: uniform design and a perfect fit. Everything sits where it should sit. For this the Kinis produce their own MX clothing with some extras:
  • movable knee including stretch inlays
  • ergonomic fit
  • original YKK front zippers
  • solid waist belt
  • stretching seams with safety stitches

MEN’S MX Sets - Extra Speed with Red Bull Accessories

Your MX Jersey fits perfectly and you feel good in your MX pants, so you are nearly done. Now complete your MX outfit with some KINI RED BULL accessories and you're ready for the racetrack. Our champion-proved competition and revolution goggles provide you with razor-sharp sight. Get your tinted MX goggles and become a better driver!

The same holds true for our high-quality Motocross gloves. They have been manufactured with abrasion-resistant synthetic leather palms and with pre-shaped fingers for more flexibility and optimum airflow which ensure an incomparable ride. You probably won't even notice you are wearing our lightweight MX gloves. Do you feel the freedom? Can you feel the airflow on your hands?

A Top Team: The Men's Motocross Set and KTM

Our popular men's mx sets are eye-catchers. And they are perfect in combination with KTM-bikes. For good reason. In terms of design the KINI Sets and KTM are one hell of a team. Look at the colours: bright orange, royal blue, black and super stylish patterns with All-Over-Prints in contrasting colours are a must have.

Just like the KINI RED BULL touch. The world champions’ logo cannot be stately enough. Kini Red Bull sets for men and KTM bikes, a perfect match. Two have become one! Join the Kini Red Bull Team now - Motocross, Enduro, MX, MTB.