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Motocross Sets & Enduro Sets & MX Sets for kids by Kini Red Bull

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Motocross Enduro Sets for kids by Kini Red Bull

Motocross Enduro sets by Kini Red Bull - Fashion is for people who like to experiment, push their limits to extremes, and expressionist. Fair enough. But sometimes fashion just has to be simple. Our Motocross sets for kids demonstrates it. From motocross trousers for kids to motocross jerseys for kids, to motocross gloves for kids - everything fits.

From front to back. Because let's be honest: Why complicate things? In motocross only one thing counts: performance. And if your performance is only half as convincing as your Motocross sets for kids, then you've already won.

Motocross MX sets for kids - when the going gets tough

Motocross MX sets for kids - The track is grey enough already. You need colour. But no subtle nuances. It has to be flashy. Just like our Motocross set kids Strike. The name says it all. The mix of bright orange and bright blue immediately catches the eye. From head to toe it shouts “here I am”.

The Kini Red Bull Motocross trousers for kids and the Kini Red Bull Motocross Jersey for kids are perfectly matched in colour. You just have to choose matching Mx kids gloves.

Kini Red Bull Motocross sets for Kids Vintage - back to the roots

Being noticed isn't your thing? You want to keep it classy? Kini Red Bull can help. Take a look at our Kini Red Bull Motocross Kit for kids Vintage. The white-blue base colour is subtle.

But our motocross kids’ clothing is still not lacking colour highlights. Red inlays and selected Kini Red Bull logos are the perfect addition to the discreet base colour. This is what MX has to look like.

MX Enduro sets for kids - perfect fit

MX Enduro sets -The look is A-one. But what about the fit? Does it meet the demands of a young MX talent? Of course! The racing experts at Kini Red Bull take care of that. Because only those who have been driving a MX bike themselves understand the high demands of this extreme sport.

The result:

  • Ventilation fabric under the arms for more breathability
  • extra long shirt back for an improved fit
  • pleasant Lycra collar
  • elastic ribbed spandex panels
  • Seat made of permanently elastic 900D polyester fabric

KTM and Motocross kids’ combi – a perfect match

Our Kini Red Bull Kids clothing is meant to draw even more attention to your KTM! Not by chance our high quality motocross kids’ combi is the perfect addition to your KTM bike. The perfect mixture of black, orange, blue, and white merges seamlessly with KTM bikes of same colour. Kini Red Bull calls this a "perfect match".