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Motocross gear & enduro clothing for men by Kini Red Bull

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Kini Red Bull Flash Set
Kini Red Bull Flash Set
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Motocross enduro clothing for men by Kini Red Bull

Gasoline is pumping through your veins? Clattering engines are music to your ears? Solid floors are for bores? Then Kini Red Bull is the right place for you. The Motocross World Champions (Heinz Kinigadner twice in a row) make the racing driver's heart beat faster.

With more than 50 years of racing experience, Motocross is in good hands with us. From MX trousers to Enduro jackets and motocross goggles - Red Bull Kini is the right place for you.

Kini Red Bull men‘s motocross clothing - Heinz Kinigadner approved

Ready, Set, Go! Wait a minute! You forgot something: the Kini Red Bull Motocross Men's Clothing. You will find nothing better in the MX motocross industry.

Whether Motocross jacket, Enduro jacket, enduro helmet, mx helmet, or motocross pants - all trend pieces have one thing in common: the many years of racing expertise of world champion Heinz Kinigadner. His trained eye checks every little detail. Not without reason our Red Bull Motocross clothing offers everything you need from A to Z.

We are particularly proud of these extras:

  • Advanced ventilation mechanisms
  • Water-repellent material
  • Ergonomic, pre-shaped seat and knees
  • Reinforced seams in high-risk areas

Cross helmets for men - keeping your head safe

Cross helmets of Kini Red Bull - Motocross is not only a matter of the heart, but also a matter of your head. That’s all the more reason to protect it. Our Kini Red Bull Professional Cross helmets, manufactured according to the standards of the world champions, will help you to stay safe.

With the steely outer shell made of carbon fibre material, we can make a big contribution to your safety. Good for safety, but bad for performance? Not at all! Thanks to its lightweight aerodynamic design, your new Kini Red Bull Motocross helmet ensures a great performance.

Stay on top of things with Kini Red Bull men’s motocross goggles

Motocross goggles are fitting with our cross helmet. Put on the Red Bull Motocross helmet and accelerate! Stop! Don’t forget your motocross goggles from Kini Red Bull! You owe that to your eyes.

With ergonomic design and removable nose protection, these MX Motocross Enduro goggles are probably the most comfortable eye protection on the market. And there's something else: the soft triple foam absorbs sweat while riding. Annoying sweat beads on the face are history.

Buy men’s motocross clothing by Kini Red Bull and support Wings for Life!

Motocross men's clothing for the good cause – A fall! And suddenly, life stood still. The Kinis know what it feels like. The oldest of the Kini brothers even had to experience it for himself. At 28, an accident at the Austrian Championship race in Höhnhart was his downfall. He’s been paralyzed ever since.

Heinz experienced a similar fate. His son Hannes also ended up in a wheelchair after a severe spinal cord injury. But the motocross enthusiasts don't let their fate throw them off course. They set up Wings for Life, a foundation for the research of spinal cord injuries.

Exactly your thing? So spring into action! With every purchase of a Kini Red Bull piece you will support the Wings for Life foundation. Whether Kini Red Bull Motocross Enduro Helmet, Motocross Enduro Men's Trousers, or Motocross MX Jersey - every purchase is a little step towards freedom.