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Motocross Helmet & Enduro Helmet by Kini Red Bull

Kini Red Bull helmet: the perfect enduro helmet

For every motorcyclist the helmet is the most important part of his safety equipment. Its quality is a matter of life and death and should not be left to chance. The helmet has to fit perfectly and individual driving habits have to be taken into account.

These are the basic criteria to provide maximum protection. And of course, the Enduro helmet has to protect you from various weather effects such as sunshine, rain, wind, and airflow as well. The Kini Red Bull enduro helmet is available in different variants, so every MX rider will find his perfect head protection.

Its advanced technology, the aerodynamic design, and optimum airing fulfil all imaginable demands and guarantee the best protection even to the most adventurous riders. Don't forget to combine your Kini Red Bull motocross helmet with the matching Kini Red Bull motocross goggles.

What Kind of Kini Red Bull MX helmet is good for me?

Your Kini Red Bull MX helmet should not only look good, it has to meet all the requirements of your driving habits as well. Kini Red Bull offers a wide range of helmet models you should check out before making your final purchase decision.

Basically, the following criteria should be considered:
  • What size should my Motocross helmet, Enduro helmet, MX helmet have to fit perfectly?
  • Helmet weight - which weight is comfortable?
  • Do I need a helmet with integrated eyewear protection?
  • Does my Motocross or Enduro helmet meet the requirements of the AMA and FIM racing regulations?
All Kini Red Bull MX helmets and Enduro helmets are ECE-certified and come equipped with a removable, washable, and antimicrobial inner lining. The outer shell consists either of fibreglass or special composite-lite materials. They are lightweight but at the same time extremely durable and highly consistent in form.

Mountain-bikers can pick up the Kini Red Bull mountain bike helmet with FRP-Shell-construction.

KINI Red Bull MX helmet - express your personal lifestyle

Kini Red Bull MX helmet - our online shop offers everything you need for your motocross and Enduro riding gear & protection: from MX helmets, pants and jackets, as well as protective equipment to street wear, like the Kini Red Bull Hoodies.

Choose your favourite design for your MX helmet and make a statement about your personal lifestyle!

The top three reasons for choosing a Kini Red Bull helmet are:

  • Perfect craftsmanship and highest safety standards
  • Wide range of variants and designs
  • Support for the research project "Wings for Life"

KINI Red Bull supermoto helmet

Supermoto helmets are basically motocross helmets with the features of a street helmet. The Kini Red Bull helmets offer the highest safety, quality, and comfort to compete in supermoto sport (french: supermotard). The aerodynamic construction, the view through the Mx goggles and protection by the helmet shield offer perfect conditions for Supermoto riders, whether amateurs or professionals.

Some supermoto riders prefer integrated helmets. In our range of products we also have an integral version, the Kini Red Bull integral helmet. Other riders prefer a more lightweight variant, for example the Kini Red Bull composite light version. Its weight of approximately 990gr/35oz guarantees wearing comfort for many hours.

The Kini Red Bull motocross helmet and the"Wings for Life" foundation

Our Kini Red Bull MX and enduro helmets are designed in collaboration with professionals - Heinz Kinigadner has been racing for more than 20 years as a professional motocross rider all over the world. He knows exactly what characterizes a good helmet and his experience is invaluable for new product developments.

When it comes to buying a helmet he will always advise to buy a Kini Red Bull helmet. Together with Dietrich Mateschitz, the founder of Red Bull, Kinigadner has established the "Wings for Life" foundation, which purpose it is to fund spinal cord research. With every purchase of a Kini Red Bull helmet, you are supporting the "Wings for Life" spinal cord research!