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Caps for men by Kini Red Bull

Kini Red Bull caps

Kini Red Bull Caps – Small but excellent. That is the Kini Red Bull Cap. The little piece of fabric has huge impact when it comes to your style. Just put it on and voila! A run-off-the-mill outfit becomes an individual style.

And this style makes a statement – it identifies you as a team member of Kini Red Bull! Interested? Get yourself a Kini Red Bull Basecap or a Kini Red Bull Beanie and become part of our family!

Kini Red Bull caps for men - a man is a man

Caps by Kini Red Bull – what does masculine street style look like? Jeans, Kini Red Bull t-shirt, Sneakers - Done? Not quite! You are missing the Kini Red Bull Basecap. Embroidered with the world champions’ emblems it may be the coolest men’s cap available.

You will never want to take it off again, except maybe in bed! It is made of blended acrylic wool and comes with an elastic flexband at its back to secure the perfect fit all day long. The Kini Red Bull cap fits like a second skin. Masculinity has never felt this good!

Kini Red Bull cap - no more bad hair days

Hours of plucking, straightening and putting gel in your hair and still your hair just doesn’t look right? Don't worry! The Kini Red Bull Basecap will fix it. Save yourself some troubles on a bad hair day with a Kini Red Bull cap, for example:
  • at college
  • the day after a big party
  • on the way home from the gym
  • in stormy weather
  • in just any case of bad hair

Kini Red Bull basecap & Kini Red Bull beanie cap - between minimalism and extravagance

Men’s Caps and Beanies both have to be subtle, but they should also enable you to stick out from the crowd. The Kini Red Bull Basecap can do both. It’s a classic in black with yellow highlights and it definitely is one of the more subtle items among Hip-Hop-accessories. You want to add a greater wow factor to your Kini Red Bull Streetwear outfit?

The Team Caps for men and the Beanie cap in Kini colours, orange, white and blue, are an absolute eye-catcher. On top of that we at Kini Red Bull embroider our Men’s Caps and Wool Caps with logos and emblems, such as the Wings for Life Emblem. If we do something, we always do it properly!