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Hoodies & sweat jackets for kids by Kini Red Bull

Kini Red Bull kids hoodies

The Kini Red Bull Kids’ hoodie is not just a sweater, as interchangeable as any other. The Kini Red Bull sweater has motocross adrenaline in its high-quality cotton fibres.

With casual sportiness, selected details such as zippers and kangaroo pockets and the unique Kini Red Bull design, it pairs sporting style and street wear in one piece.

Kini Red Bull pullovers - the casual allrounder

Kini Red Bull Hoodie - Is there a clothing piece without limits? One that fits almost everywhere? The Kini Redbull kids’ sweater comes close. Wear it in the morning at school, in the afternoon at home or in the evening on the way to sport - the casual day-to-day companion for every situation.

Its secret of success: It is cosy. Made of 100 percent cotton with kangaroo pockets, hood, and zipper, the Kini Redbull Hoodie is designed to feel good and relax.

A Kini Red Bull hoodie - the diversity to put on

There are hoodies and there are awesome HOODIES! Our versatile Kini Red Bull hoodies and Kini Red Bull hooded jackets are the latter. With or without hood, with or without kangaroo pockets. Some come in discreet black and blue, some come in expressive red and gray. Hardly any garment is as simple yet as versatile as the Kini Red Bull hoodie.

But as different as Kini Red Bull hoodies and Kini Red Bull hooded jackets may be, they have one thing in common: a love for sports and enthusiasm for movement. After all, every model, with or without zipper, sports the Kini Red Bull logo, the symbol of adrenalin. Feel the action and get your Kini Red Bull Sweat Jacket and join the Kini Red Bull team!

1 sweater, 1000 styles

A Kini Red Bull hooded sweat jacket is just a piece of clothing, but it's a good base for lots of styles. It can easily be combined with other street wear pieces from our shop. For example:
  • Caps for a sporty overall impression
  • T-shirts as casual underwear
  • rocky jackets for outdoor adventures
  • Jeans with street style guarantee
  • Sports pants for the feel-good look

Kini Redbull hoodie - more than just a sweater

At first glance, it may just be a hoodie or a hooded jacket. But the Kini Red Bull sweaters help to support a good cause, insofar as Kini Red Bull hoodies and also other Kini Red Bull clothes support Wings for Life, a non-profit, state-recognized foundation for spinal cord research. Its mission: to find a cure for paraplegia.

Scientists agree: paraplegia does not have to be a permanent condition. Injured nerve cells are curable. But it's still a long way off and research projects and clinical studies depend on financial support. So our Kini Red Bull hoodies are more than just sweaters. They represent small steps towards freedom of movement.